Petemoo Becomes Brand Ambassador

Petemoo Brand Ambassador

We’re happy to announce that Petemoo has joined the family as our first Brand Ambassador and affiliate.

Petemoo, better known as the Warlord, has gone on to utterly dominate the For Honor competitive circuit.

Petemoo logo

For Honor is a 3D person melee game that lets players take the roles of iconic warriors and soldiers, such as knights, samurai, and the mighty Vikings.

“We want to encourage everyone to start streaming, to do what makes them happy, and to help grow our online streaming community. We recognized Petemoo’s talent as a competitor, and we wanted to empower him to bring that same intensity into his streaming so that everyone can enjoy watching the master at work during his live streams.

As Petemoo continues his quest for glory in FOR HONOR and Twitch, we are certain that he will inspire others to take the leap and share their personalities, experience and charisma with the world.”

– Dan Zambrano. CEO