What is so special about StreamingBundles?

Glad you asked! They’re awesome “studio-in-a-box” bundles that have everything you need to start creating quality video or audio content in no time. We built them for new YouTubers, Streamers, and Podcasters. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to build a quality production as quickly as possible.

We made it possible by partnering with the best brands in the business to bring you the same top quality products famous streamers and YouTubers are using, day in, day out. You save time, money, and headaches by trusting our expertly curated bundles and buying everything together (as a bundle).



“Can I use a Gift Card (from Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover) on my purchase?”

Gift Cards of this variety typically cannot be authorized for online purchases as they are formatted differently than standard credit/debit cards. That said, PayPal specifically designed a system to help online retailers deal with the inability to secure a standard Prepaid Gift Card transaction.

Customers are able to associate Prepaid Gift Cards from Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover as payment sources for their PayPal accounts. Please visit the PayPal landing page ”How To Pay With Prepaid Gift Cards”. Using this system, you can place an order on our site with the aforementioned Prepaid Gift Cards via PayPal.

“When will you charge my credit card?”

When you place an order, an authorization is put on your card for the amount of your order. Your credit card is not actually charged, however, until your items actually ship and tracking information is available.

“What does my Order Status mean?”

Order status allows customers to see where in the order fulfillment process their orders currently stand. Orders can be modified or canceled only while their status is listed as “Order Received.” Once an order has been marked as “Order Processed,” it cannot be canceled or modified, as the order has been processed by our warehouse and is in the queue to be shipped out.

“I can’t add items to my shopping cart, see my shopping cart or access My Account.”

StreamingBundles.com requires your web browser to accept cookies and to have java script turned on in order to access certain areas and functions of our website, such as the shopping cart and my account sections.

Make sure you have the most up to date version of your web browser, and if you continue to have problems, give us a call at 305-697-9181.

“How does the “No Sales Tax” work?”

For those states in which we have a physical presence, we are required by state law to remit sales tax. Although most retailers will collect this from you and then remit to the state, we do not charge you sales tax and thus pay the sales tax for you.

Currently, StreamingBundles.com pays sales tax in the states of Florida. For those states in which we are not required to pay sales tax, the consumer may be responsible for use tax. Please check with your state and local laws in regards to use tax and how it may affect you.

“How can I tell if an item is in stock?”

Stock and availability information will be shown once you have selected a product. This information will also be shown on the shopping cart page and in your order confirmation email.


“When will I get my stuff?”

StreamingBundles.com ships from our warehouse in sunny Miami FL. In some cases, we will ship items direct to you from a vendor. Orders are 99% of the time processed same day, and each item will show the expected time to process and ship out. All items will show availability information both on the product page and on the shopping cart page.

We will do our best to get you up and running quick! You will typically receive a shipping notification email within 24 hours of your order shipping. By logging in to your StreamingBundles.com account, you can also retrieve your tracking information at any time. In some cases, orders will be held so that the items can be consolidated into one shipment.

Please note: StreamingBundles.com reserves the right to request additional information to verify your order. Your order may need to be placed on hold and/or canceled until the order can be verified. We do this to protect the identity of our customers so that we can provide a safe online experience.

“Do you ship internationally?”

No, at this time we only ship to the US and Canada. We are looking to add international shipments in the future.

“Do you ship to APO addresses?”

Yes, you can use our standard checkout. Just make sure to select the appropriate APO state. APO orders will be shipped by USPS and are handled differently from our other orders (typically they will take up 1-5 business days longer to ship).


“Is there a physical store I can visit?”

We’re online only at the moment. If the planets continue to align a we’ll definitely look into opening a workshop for new streamers.

“Does StreamingBundles.com offer discount codes or coupons?”

Occasionally, but you’ll have to keep checking our website for any promotions or discounts.